PhD Students

Cátia Santos

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry

“Understanding the need of SO2 in wine according to grape varieties”

Keywords: Sulfur dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Wine

Catarina Mendes

PhD in Food Sciences

“Go deep on volatile composition of varietal wines from Alentejo”

Keywords: Varietal Wines, Volatile and Amino Acid Composition, Agronomic Practices

Flávia Freitas

PhD in Food Sciences

“Phthalates, a danger in food: new analytical approaches for risk assessment”

Keywords: Sulfur dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Wine

Inês Ferreira

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry

Chemical changes and off-flavor development in beer during storage

Keywords: Beer Ageing, Off-Flavours, Carbonyl Compounds

João Brinco

PhD in Environment and Sustainability

“Pesticide soil pollution: electrokinetic remediation, advanced monitoring tools and degradation mechanisms”

Keywords: Pesticide monitoring, Soil Pollution, Advanced Analytical Methodologies

Davide Mendes

PhD in Sustainable Chemistry



MSc Students

Bruno António

“Development and validation of a GC method for PAHs analysis in drinking water”

Sara Pinheiro

“Validation of GC/MS and GC/MS/MS methodologies for the determination of vanillin in cork samples”


André Jorge

Keywords: Fish Quality, Lipids Profile Characterization, Food Contamination