The research domain focuses on the development of technologies for environmental remediation and ecosystem restoration. Our focus is the electrochemical, biological and nature-based technologies. Several matrices have been studied: sewage sludge and its ashes, wastewater, soil, sediments, wastewater, timber waste, etc.; and several pollutants from heavy metals: Cu, Cr, As, Sb, etc., to organic compounds: pharmaceuticals and personal care products, PCBs, pesticides, etc.; and mixed contamination.

The main achievements are:
  • Development of an electrochemical reactor for wastewater treatment accounting the microbiological parameters defined in the EU parliament and council regulation proposal on minimum requirements for water reuse (2018).
  • Electrochemical self-powered reactor designed to decrease the salts level in the effluent so it could be used in the production of concrete. This reactor helps to promote a paradigm shift in the construction sector by promoting a wastewater safe reuse and increase water-use efficiency.
  • Study of hydrogen production during the electrodialytic treatment and energy potential.
  • Combination of electrochemical process with other technologies: bioremediation (including phytoremediation), and iron nanoparticles.