The research domain focuses on the development of methodologies for critical raw materials (CRMs) recovery based on electrochemical processes, targeting a circular economy. Several matrices have been studied: sewage sludge and its ashes, coal ash, mine tailings, industrial residues, etc.; and several CRMs: phosphorus, cobalt, tungsten, rare earth elements, etc.

The main achievements are:
  • Study and development of and electrodialytic process combined with deep eutectic solvents for W recovery, As removal from mine tailings. The treated mine tailing then studied and incorporated in mortars used for construction materials.
  • Study of the potential to use coal ash as a source of rare earth elements, using electrodialytic recovery.
  • Study the potential to separate cobalt from tungsten carbide scrap using electrodialytic process coupled to ultrasound assisted extraction.
  • Study and development of an electrodialytic reactor for phosphorus recovery and simultaneous removal of contaminants from several matrices.